Child Custody Modification in Colorado Springs, CO

There may come a time when child custody agreements need to be reassessed or modified to accommodate changes in life circumstances. Gordon N. Shayne is a proficient family law attorney that can help you determine if a post judgement modification of child custody can be made in your case to reflect a variety of changes, including:

  • Relocation of a parent
  • Illness or disability
  • Domestic violence, abuse or neglect
  • If a parent is impairing the child's emotional development
  • Drug or alcohol abuse by a parent
  • Consistent violation of the original orders by either parent, thus requiring modification

Gordon N. Shayne has many years of legal experience and provides the effective advocacy you need for custody disputes. Whether you want to settle your case in mediation or go to court, he is your tireless advocate.

Why You Need an Attorney for Child Custody Modification

In order to protect your parental rights, post-decree modification of child custody should be handled by a skillful and experienced attorney. Gordon N. Shayne is a highly qualified family law attorney who can provide legal guidance and support for any type of custody modification. By handling hundreds of Child Custody cases, we can show how a lawyer dedicated to you can be of great benefit.

Child Custody Modifications for Military Families

Service members and spouses of service members have the right to file for custodial responsibility, caretaking, and decision-making authority of their children. Pursuant to changes to child custody laws. There are specific procedures for child custody that must be followed during and after returning from deployment. Since Florida is home to many military bases, Gordon N. Shayne has dealt with hundreds of child custody case modifications that pertain to military families.  Since only civilian laws deal with divorce or child custody cases, it is critical to understand the complexity of the laws that interact with military services members and their dependents or children. Whether you are being deployed or transferred, it is important to protect your parental rights. 

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